Thursday, October 18, 2012

Runner Profile - Chris Boyd

Meet Chris Boyd

Born: Tucson, AZ – June 10, 1989
High school: Thomas S. Wootton - Rockville, MD
College: Bucknell University- Lewisburg, PA

800m - 1:52.1
1500m - 3:50.3

Favorite Local Trails: Mt. Vernon Trail

Favorite Runner: Forest, Forest Gump

Chris' Story:
After playing soccer my whole life, the high school track coach convinced me to run a couple times a week with the team and try the whole ‘running’ thing for a season. As a 15 year old, my third time racing the mile, I ran a 4:44 in borrowed spikes and never looked back.

Running for Bucknell 4 years later, I quickly learned that 8ks and 10ks can’t be run on 25mile weeks like in high school. It was a slow progression of building mileage but by senior year the hard work and higher mileage started paying off. I negative split my final collegiate 1500 meter race by 10 seconds, closing in a 1:57- and all it did was leave me wanting more; an itch left unscratched.

When I graduated, I did the standard ‘get a 65 hr/week job, stop running’ for a year until that itch came back in the Spring of 2012. I sat down with Coach Dustin Sweeney, met the Pacers guys, got dropped on an easy fartlek, quit my job the next day. My mind is set on the 1500 meters and mile come Outdoor- excited to see what I can do.

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