Monday, December 03, 2012

Runner Profile - Kristi Markowicz

Meet Kristi Markowicz

Born:  April 23, 1970

HS:  University of San Diego High School, 1988

College:  UCLA, 1992

800m--2:13 1988
1500m--4:31 1988
5K (road)--17:25  2003
10K (road)--36:08 2003
10mile--60:50  2010
1/2 marathon--1:20.42  2010
Marathon--3:07.16  2003

Favorite Local Race Course:  Veteran's Day 10K
Favorite Local Trail:  Capital Crescent

Kristi's Story:
I have been a runner ever since I can remember.  I come from a running family--my dad was a member of World Cross Country teams and qualified for the Olympic Trials in events from the 5K to marathon.  I spent a lot of my childhood at road races and tracks in Southern California and Northern Virginia and ran my first 10K when I was 6 years old (62 minutes!)

My real passion for running was as a track runner.  When I was 12, I ran a 2:23 800m and 4:48 1500m.  In high school, I was nationally ranked in the 800 and 1500 (5th--1988) and placed 6th in the CA Track and Field State Meet in the 800m (1988).  I also ran cross country but didn't like it as much as the track!  I attended UCLA where I ran for 2 years.  My first year went well.  I ran in the NCAA Cross Country Meet and made the PAC-10 final in the 1500.  But after a second year that wasn't as successful, I stopped competing for UCLA.

My love of running never really stopped though.  I continued to run for fitness for several years but focused on having a career (elementary school teacher), getting married and starting a family.  After my first son was born in 1999, I started road racing.  Since I had never really focused on road races, it was like a new sport for me!  And I found that I hadn't lost my speed nor competitive spirit.  So I started running longer races that in my youth I never thought I would do.  I now have four children--three boys and a girl--ranging in ages from 13 to 4.  I am fortunate to be able to stay home with them, which gives me a little more freedom and time to run than if I had to work.  My husband is a 20 year US Naval Officer, so I have been able to run on teams in Honolulu, San Diego, and now Pacers.

After spending the last year injured, I am finally getting back into racing shape.  I hope to keep racing and running as long as my body will tolerate it!  I still have the long term goal of a sub 3 hour marathon in mind, but only if my body will take it!

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