Friday, October 26, 2012

Erin Koch's Army 10 Race Recap

Going into the race I was not sure what to expect.  I had an easy summer, taking some time off to deal with a hip and plantar issue.  I knew I was rounding into shape, but had not raced much or very far for that matter.  The Clarendon 5k was all I had done in last few months.  I wanted to start conservative, but had an end goal of besting my previous year’s time (57.48).  I decided that even though I may not currently be as fit, I would have experience on my side this time around having done a ten miler before.   I wanted to find a rhythm and let my muscle memory and body take over from there.

Heading towards the starting line was a little hectic to say the least.  Kerri Gallagher and I jogged over from Pentagon Row Pacer’s Store and found that the starting waves were already backed up.  We had to hop a median and run up the outside.  We squeezed in about 15-20 rows back from the start, and so we really had no idea where the other female runners were when the gun went off.  

The first mile Kerri and I found ourselves dodging in and out of people.  We hit the first mile at 5.40 and I felt really good.  All of the dodging kept my mind occupied. 

The next two miles were all about looking for female runners ahead of me and picking off as many as I could while maintaining my rhythm.  It was a weird feeling not to know how many female runners were ahead of me or where they were. Mile 2 was another 5.40 and Mile 3 was a 5.33.

During Mile 4- 5, I see two female runners ahead of me and slowly try to cut down the distance between them and I.  I can see myself getting closer and closer, and have to remind myself to be patient.  Part of me wants to sprint up to them, but I know that a burst would come back to bite me.  I clock  a 5.39 and a 5.42.  At the start of Mile 6 I pass both females.  One tries to stick on, but I seems as though I have finally dropped her.  I refuse to turn around and check.  Mile 6 I clock another 5.42.  Mile 7 I find myself in “no man’s land”.  I have no idea how in such a large race I am without a pack to chase down or run with, so I begin focusing on random individuals.  Mile 7 I clock another 5.42.

Mile 8-9:  I let myself relax. Too much!  I know I am at a point where I am not going to catch the lead women and I believe I have lost the two females I passed in Mile 6.   Mentally I checked out.   I clock a much slower Mile 8 around 5.50.  I let this aggravate me and run another slow 9th mile (around 5.55), not feeling very good.  Coach always says “mind leads the body”.  I mentally checked out which caused me to physically shut down.

I remember that I am a miler, 
and that I have closing speed on my side.

Mile 10:  Right before we reach the final mile, the two females that I had passed in Mile 6 pass me and start to gap me.  I was shocked.  I had no idea they were still there.  I almost let them go, but then my competitive drive kicks in.  I remember that I am a miler, and that I have closing speed on my side.  I pull up behind them.  One of the women starts to go early only for us to reel her back in.  With a half a mile to go, I start opening up and make a hard move.   I pass both women and knowI have to carry this to the line.  

Coming down the final stretch I can hear the top three women being announced.  I take note that my training partner Kerri Gallagher has won!  I use that excitement to dig even deeper as the finish line comes into view.  I close in 5.30 mile, finishing 5th

It is a good starting point, but I have a lot of work to do!  I hope to improve upon this performance in upcoming road races this Fall.  

Results 1 - 10 of 21956Results Per Page: 
2012 Army Ten-Miler
BibFirst NameLast NameAgeGender10k SplitClock TimeNet TimeCityStateCountryPlaceDiv PlaceGender PlaceDivision
129KERRIGALLAGHER23F0:34:590:56:090:56:09WASHINGTONDC8011****WOMEN -- OPEN****certificate
20AZIZAALIYA-ABATE27F0:35:020:56:100:56:10ELLICOTT CITYMDETHIOPIA8322****WOMEN -- OPEN****certificate
25TEZATADENGERSA32F0:56:260:56:26ELLICOTT CITYMDETHIOPIA8833****WOMEN -- OPEN****certificate
14KELLYCALWAY28F0:35:090:56:390:56:39MANITOU SPRINGSCO9314WOMEN -- 25 THROUGH 29certificate
139ERINKOCH24F0:35:200:57:180:57:12CHEVY CHASEMD11515WOMEN -- 20 THROUGH 24certificate
36MEAGANNEDLO29F0:35:230:57:240:57:21SALEMMA11926WOMEN -- 25 THROUGH 29certificate
522CHELSEAPRAHL22F0:35:280:57:260:57:25GREENVILLEMI12627WOMEN -- 20 THROUGH 24certificate
867ANGIEZEIDAN31F0:58:050:57:41FALLS CHURCHVA13418WOMEN -- 30 THROUGH 34certificate
30815GINASLABY31F0:35:590:58:090:58:05TUCSONAZ14329WOMEN -- 30 THROUGH 34certificate
23GABRIELATRANA32F0:35:590:58:270:58:25ELLICOTT CITYMDCOSTA RICA154310WOMEN -- 30 THROUGH 34certificate

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