Friday, October 04, 2013

The Pacers New Balance Team is Growing in Bounds and Leaps

Due to great word-of-mouth, the Pacers-New Balance team has expanded their roster greatly over the summer with a great number of talented runners with the potential to make PNB the best elite running team in the greater D.C. area. 

We're pleased to announce new additions Sue Jin Ahn (Duke University), James Kostelnik (Duke University), Matt Kroetch (Oakton/Virginia Tech), Eddie Judge (Virginia Tech), Kieran Lee (Virginia Tech), Chris Wailzer (Virginia Tech), Daniel Day (La Salle), Rich Harris (UMass), Jarrett Van Tine, and John Schroeder (Dartmouth). Due to the summer rush, we (the nickname bestowing committee) haven't had time to come up with any nicknames but stay tuned because we're coming up with some doozies to premiere on this site. 

With the team's added depth, Pacers New Balance is thrilled to have two teams competing in the Army 10-Miler October 20th in Arlington. Both teams will be coed and they will be divided into an A and B team. the team will also have an extra bout of confidence as PNB boasts defending champion Kerri Gallagher won the women's race last year in a time of 56:09.. 

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