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Veterans Day 10k - Race Preview


Date: Sunday, November 11, 2012
Location: West Potomac Park (Aka Hains Point) - Washington, DC
Start Time: 8AM
Distance: 10K Race

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More Important Details:

Who's running it from Pacers? 


  • Frank DeVar - Defending Champ, Coached by Dustin Sweeney
  • Chris Kwiatkowski - Fresh off a 49:06 Ten Miler, Coached by Matthew Centrowitz Sr.
  • Tripp Southerland - PR'ing left n right, Coached by Dustin Sweeney
  • Jeff Brannigan - Always in shape, Coached by Matthew Centrowitz Sr.
  • Charles Bowles - Ponytail and all, self coached.


  • Kerri Gallagher - Hasn't lost a race since Vietnam, Coached by Matthew Centrowitz Sr.
  • Erin Koch - Gets faster with every race, Coached by Matthew Centrowitz Sr.
  • Kelly Devine - Only two weeks removed from MCM, Coached by Dustin Sweeney
  • Erin Swain Taylor - Sub 60 Ten Miler and 2:52 'thoner is coming back from having a baby, currently self-coached.
  • Barbara Fallon Wallace - The 38 year old has at least 3 wins in 2012, currently self-coached.
  • Kristi Markowicz - 42 and mother of 4, on the comeback trail from a long injury but has some solid times under her belt over the past 2 years, currently self-coached. 

Others, that are on the fence:

  • Derik Thomas
  • Lisa Thomas
  • Kelly Swain - Sister of Erin Swain.
  • Shannon Miller - DNS at INGNYC12, if she can't get into Richmond she'll be out there Sunday. Coached by Dustin Sweeney.

Here's what you'll think is happening on November 11th:
On the men's side, we have four young guns that all race for Pacers New Balance and are looking to sweep the field.  They will all work together hoping to secure the top four spots.

On the women's side, Kerri and Erin are looking to go 1, 2 and set personal bests along the way. Erin Swain and Barbara Fallon Wallace will definitely be up front as well. The two marathoners, Kelly and Shannon, will likely take it out a bit slower and hope to close the gap over the last 5 kilometers.

Here's the skinny on November 11th:
What we have here is four teammates running under two different coaches with very different coaching styles. While the Pacers boys are all friendly to each other and fine, they actually like each other, they're also extremely competitive. Chris K wants the "W" just as bad as Frank D wants to defend last year's victory.  Jeff B wants to close the gap on the two talented front runners just as bad as Tripp S wants revenge from his second place finish at Clarendon Day 5k (JB dropped TS over the last mile).

"Oh, it's a grudge match.  There's no doubt about it."
- Coach Dustin Sweeney

"No comment."
- Coach Matthew Centrowitz

As far as the ladies go, Kerri will be tough to beat.  She's currently ON FIRE with three back to back to back wins.  But you can't write off Erin. With a few fall races under her belt, Erin keeps improving and she's tough as nails. No doubt she'll make things interesting.  Look for the women to hug and kiss each other at the starting line and then come swinging when the gun goes off.

The NYC cancellation is probably the best thing that could have happened to Shannon Miller as she's still on the comeback trail from a recent injury.  If she doesn't get into the Richmond half marathon, she'll be out there.  She's in good marathon shape. So how will that translate to a flat 10k for her?

Speaking of marathons and 10k's, also coached by D Sweeney, Kelly Devine is going to be out there. Her nickname is "slow twitch" so we expected a fast recovery from MCM.  She claims she's not racing Sunday, but we all know how that goes...

As with any Washington DC race, you never know who might show up on race day. Local red-shirt collegiate runners, money-hungry Africans, or the always competitive George Town Running Company. We welcome them, because we all know: Better competition = faster times. And isn't that what we are all trying to do here?  RUN FAST.

The Course

As the title of this blog indicates, this course is flat, fast, and boring. While flat and boring are certain, fast is often dependent on weather. (reader thinking:  How does this differ from any other race?  I'm always worried about the weather)

Well reader, have you ever run Hains Point before?  Kelly Devine has, in the 2012 Marine Corp Marathon, during Hurricane Sandy. (Read her blog here)   Hains Point runs along the Potomac River.  If it's even the slightest bit windy on November 11th, you'll be exposed, just like you were in that dream where you showed up to school in your underwear.

However, man-made Hains Point is as flat as a pancake. So, if the wind keeps calm both you and your grandmother will run a personal best. It's an out and back course from the polo fields near Lincoln Memorial.  At the turn around you'll see who is in front of you and who is behind you and you'll know what to expect over the last 5k... More of the same.  Stay focused and (personal) victory is yours.


0% Chance of rain. Low Wind. No Excuses.


Overall M/F
First Place: $100
Second Place: $90
Third Place: $80
Fourth Place: $70
Fifth Place: $60

Pride and money are on the line. Come watch this nail bitter.  
We promise to make the race less boring than the course.

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